Copywriting Testimonials

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kelly Norris in various capacities since 2006 on likely a 100+ copy requests! While there are so many things that have impressed me with Kelly over the years, the thing that impresses me most is her ability to write brilliantly across such a broad range of topics. Her medical prose is genius and only surpassed by her ability to write about everything from real estate to travel and tourism and anything and everything in between. She is unbelievably¬†fast and always spot on! I’ve worked with her on the ad agency side for years and now on the publisher side with She makes you look good. No. GREAT! I would highly recommend her to everyone … for any writing project you want to throw at her!”¬†Lisa Duncan,


“It was a total pleasure working with Kelly. She edited my novel, “Look Around,” and did an excellent job. She was expedient, insightful and diligent. Kelly was extremely easy to work with and her expertise and feedback proved to be invaluable. I look forward to working with her in the future.” Darrin May, author of “Look Around”

“Kelly Norris’s work has been so outstanding that I have used her for a host of my consulting firm’s projects, including,,, and others. Kelly is friendly, works quickly and requires very little guidance. She has a great understanding of the Internet as a marketplace and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for professional copywriting and editing services.” Rob Sheinbein, EZD Consulting

“Kelly, your work is excellent and exceeded my expectation. Your research on cervical spine disorders was well detailed and thorough. I was very impressed with your ability to obtain additional information that was much needed. I was also impressed with how concisely you were able to explain my intented message throughout the book. I enjoyed working with you and hope that there’ll be future projects that we can work on together.” Dr. Michael Ho, Dr. Ho’s Hands-on Solutions to Neck, Shoulder and Headache Problems

“Kelly listens and takes instructions well, and she writes excellent copy. I have continued to be pleased with her work and impressed with her speed and the accuracy of her estimates.” Jamie Lynch,

“Whatever I have needed or requested of her, Kelly Norris has been able to provide it quickly and in perfect order.” Leo Chpilman,

“Kelly, thank you for your excellent and professional service and the sincere way in which you delivered every task given to you. I can say without any attempt at flattery that you have exceeded my expectations. The value of what the company gained lies in the fact that your opinions, interaction, consulting and editing are everything I envisioned, and for that I am really grateful.” Sargon Kheedo, California Snackco, Inc.

“Working with Kelly was a pleasure. I found her to be very professional and attentive. I would be happy to recommend her work.” Cliff Whitt,

“The copywriting services we’ve received from Kelly Norris have been first rate! She has provided Uptown Enterprises with a degree of professionalism that has really benefited our business.” Benard Wagner, Uptown Enterprises

“Kelly was easy to work with and followed my instructions to the letter. The tag line she created for my site added the perfect finishing touch to my business logo.” Brian Chisholm,

“Kelly’s editorial work for was thoughtful and showed her insights into Internet users and their habits. It was wonderful working with her.” Tom Hulse,

“I can’t say enough about Kelly’s work. It is truly fantastic. She’s a terrific listener, a talented writer and a diligent worker. She has been such an enormous help with so many aspects of our business, for both Web and print work. I don’t know what we would have done without her.” Jack Coffin, Verrius Web Development

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