Copy for Brochures, Displays and other materials

Every business that promotes a unique service or product needs a brochure to distribute to prospective customers and clients that describes in fluid detail what you have to offer. A brochure, ultimately, is a glossy pitch that doesn’t read like an ad, a colorful come-on that doesn’t feel like a solicitation. It embodies all the wonderful elements of your service and how it excels above others, or the benefits of your product(s) and highlights why someone may need or want what your business has to offer.

A picture may say a thousand words, but the wrong words say a whole lot more. You may have gorgeous pictures of your bed-and-breakfast, your high-end day spa or your assortment of ultra-powerful vitamin supplements, but without the text explaining how your business is different, its strengths and focus, its mission and other details, like how to find your site tucked away in its woodsy retreat in Vermont, the pictures won’t deliver the complete message.

Your brochure should always function as an attractive, interesting and fun-to-read informational piece that is concise enough to conceal that it is a portable advertisement. It should also be informational enough to answer commonly posed questions. Once someone reads your brochure, he or she should be able to answer why your business offers a better option than any other he or she might have considered.

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