Logo Design & Brand

Give your company an instantly memorable identity for $299.

We design logos that brand your business, create a unique identity and give your company an air of professionalism while reflecting its vision and standards. Every business needs a logo design reflecting the company’s unique directive and personality. We design logos that suit every type of business, whether it’s technical or grass roots, product- or service-oriented, global or local, serious or playful. Every custom logo we design is inspired by each company’s distinctive mission.

Our graphic designer will provide your business with a visual identity that reflects just how truly special it is, and give your contacts the perfect first impression.

Our logos are designed in GIF, JPG, and/or PNG for Web applications. We also provide print-ready formats for your stationery, business cards and other print layouts at no extra charge.

Just as key to your logo as its appearance is its slogan or “tag line,” that small description that further brands your company and gives your contacts an immediate idea of what your business is all about. Where would Coca-Cola be with “The Real Thing” or Nike without “Just Do It”? Your tag line is key in making your logo that much stronger and more memorable, which is paramount in separating you from your competitors.

To consult with Copy-Writing.net about designing a dynamic and unique logo for your business, please contact us.

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