Newsletters and Articles

Newsletters: There is no better way to provide information and/or permission marketing to people familiar with your business or services than through newsletters, which give you a direct connection to people requesting to be included on your mailing or email list.

Through a weekly, monthly or quarterly newsletter, you can offer new information on topics of interest to your users, including research, helpful hints, progress reports, sales events, new product lines, even updates on your company. By sending your newsletters only to people who sign your mailing list, you reach a select group interested in your business and its products, services or information. Whether your newsletter is a for-fee item or a freebie you provide for use as an added value or as a marketing tool, it helps establish ongoing relationships with your members.

We at have written numerous newsletters on a variety of topics, including our own monthly copywriters’ guide. If you’d like to receive monthly copywriting tips and tricks, we invite you to sign up for our free newsletter.

Articles: There are times when you or your business may need to provide an article to a business journal, a newspaper, a trade magazine or some other publication outlining your business and its functions, its officers or employees, your position on a topic, your commentary on a policy or some other salient information. Since others will doubtless read the article, it’s important that the finished product be polished, professional and delivers your message effectively.

Trust to create your article around the elements you deem important, or to proofread and perfect your own material.

To inquire about how we can create dynamic newsletters and crisp articles for you or your business, please contact us.

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