Advertising Copy

Ad copy can be anything and everything from a logo slogan or “tag-line” (ABC Telephone: Your Connection to the World) to finely tuned copy that promotes your goods or services without seeming specifically like an ad:

ABC, Inc. provides a host of services and specialties that cover every aspect of online business development, marketing techniques, customer service assistance and revenue generation. Our experienced staff specializes in directing targeted traffic to your Web site, through researched and proven methods utilizing search engine optimization, online advertising, search engine submission and other effective business strategies. Whatever your business product or service, our goal is to help you dominate your industry across the Net.

The above paragraph sells the company while also providing valuable information about what it does and who comprises its audience. The information is necessary to its potential customers because the message clearly outlines what the company does and what methods it uses to achieve its goals. Further, the copy makes use of the company’s bragging rights without being oppressive to the reader.

Good ad copy is succinct, crisp and memorable, and says a lot in as few words as possible. At, we create more than simple marketing text; we construct an image for your company that highlights its uniqueness and strengths and helps forge new relationships.

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